This certainly is an interesting turn of events.  For months now (years, actually), I’ve gone back and forth with myself over whether or not I should start a blog.  Let’s face it, “all the writers” have one these days, and without a static website right now, this is probably one of the best ideas I can muster.  Sure, I’ve got my Facebook page, but that’s probably going to mostly consist of links to this blog.

Besides, no one really knows about this as of now.

But I hope that changes soon.  Hi, I’m Myke Edwards, I’m a writer.  Actually, I don’t like that word.  Writer is too vague; whenever I buy a copy of Writer’s Digest, I find myself drawn in by the flashy headlines like “100 Awesome Tips For Writers!”.  I fork over the exorbitant sum for the periodical, and hey…look at that.  Writer means non-fiction article writer…freelance reporter…anything but fiction writer.

Author.  Sound better?  I think so.  Let’s start over.

Hi.  I’m Myke Edwards.  I’m an author.  I mostly write science-fiction, but I dabble in fantasy and horror as well.  Occasionally, a little suspense and mystery-tinged work as well.  For the most part, I’m a huge nerd.

“So who are you?  Why should I care?”

As of now, there isn’t a very good answer to that.  I’ve got a few stories published, one recently, got my first paid publication.  It’s called “Don’t Tell”, and it will be published in Mad Scientist Journal sometime soon.  They haven’t even told me the date yet; that’s how new it is!

But I hope that things will turn around for me.  Soon.  I’ve been writing for a long time…okay, not that long, all things considered, but I’m 32 years old right now.  I graduated college in December of 2005, and only just now have I seen some modicum of “success” with my writing – if you can call $20 success.

But I do.  Because it tells me that someone, somewhere, cares.  They care enough to give me money for my writing, so I’m obviously doing something right.  As I went to college for this, as this has been desired goal of a career since I was 16 years old, I’d like for it to continue.  I know everyone always says “Don’t get into it for the money”, but geez…how else can I make a living doing what I love?

I hope that I can continue this.  I’m writing, editing, submitting, doing everything that a writer needs to do to be successful.  Hopefully soon, there will be many more to come.  Hopefully soon.

Welcome aboard, friends.  Strap yourself in, because this could be a bumpy, yet awesome, ride.