It’s new and free, so stop bitchin’

September 28, 2013

Lately I’ve been obsessed with flash fiction.  Not reading it.  And not even following the “rules” of flash fiction.  Typically, it’s considered anything 1,500 words or less is flash.  Some people say more.  Some say less.  I say flash means short.  Like, really short.

I’m getting ideas but they’re such pointless little action scenes or descriptions that they can’t go very far.  So far, all of them have been around the 500 word mark.

That’s short.  That is flash.

So why waste time sending it to a workshop, waiting for people to bicker over the appropriate use of the word “the”, and then try to market it to some editor who’d rather be snorting lines off his mistresses ass?

I’m publishing these myself.  ON THIS BLOG!!!

You get to read them for free.  There’s no way you’d pay for them, so why bother?

Plus, I’d be cheating you out of some really great writing if I didn’t do anything with them.

So, I’m putting them up here.  Probably one per week.  Maybe more.  Maybe less.  No one really knows.  I’m sure no one really cares either, but that’s far beside the point.

Whatever.  Stay tuned.  Free shit.  Who can argue with that?


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