I love you but I hate you

November 23, 2013

There’s a new, fledgling publication out there.  Of course it’s an online journal.  An e-zine.  An electronic publication.  Whatever you want to call it, there’s one that hasn’t even been published yet, and I’m more than familiar with it.  I’ve submitted three stories to them, and all three have been rejected.

It’s called [DELETED].

No, “[DELETED]” is not the name of it, but I’m not writing the name of it.  They might be really bored and search for loser authors who’ve submitted to them before on Bing or Google and find this blog and see me besmirching their good name.  And then they might…reject another story I submit.

Allow me to explain the purpose of this entry.  See, all three times I’ve submitted, they’ve responded within 24 hours.  Way less than that actually.  Like, about three hours.  Three hours for a rejection.


On the one hand, that’s awesome!  No waiting around for any kind of response.  They’re quick and I can continue living my life, thumbing my nose at them and finding another unsuspecting e-zine to spray my rain of terror on them.  And then submit another story at a later date to [DELETED].

But on the other hand, three hours?  Really?!  Did you guys even read it?  Are you so bored that you sit around, waiting for emails to come it and read/reject them right away?  In that case, kudos to you, but really, get a life.

I know I sound sour grapes and all, but I really have to wonder how many editors actually read your stuff.  Seriously, if there are any editors reading this (and I know there are plenty of skulkers, but no commenters), tell me honestly that you read everything.

Because I really doubt you do.

You see the words “Myke Edwards” on my email, scoff at the ridiculous sounding code-name, and toss it.  Then go look in the mirror and remind yourself you’re a good person, and gosh darnit, people like you!

Okay that last part was harsh.  But I stand by my words.  Editors: read my stories.  Then publish them.

Duh.  Why is this so difficult for you?


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