A few words about He-Man…

June 22, 2014

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love He-Man. Masters of the Universe was one of my favorite toylines and cartoons as a child, and an adult. I’ve got the original Filmation series on DVD, watch on Hulu when I need something to watch for a quick lunch break, and have been a big fan of the Masters of the Universe Classics collector’s line that premiered in 2008. While money and time have prevented me from being a completist, I have been a background fan, admiring and enjoying the toys as they are presented and released. I even have a few.

To keep along the lines of writing, I can say with pride that MoTU has been a big influence on my writing. Not only the cartoons, but the comics, the bios on the individual action figures, and the toys themselves. I’ve written sci-fantasy stories with elements first presented to me in MoTU, and self-contained adventures that would work well as a single episode of a cartoon series. In fact, just a little bit ago tonight, I submitted a story to my online workshop that is heavily influenced by He-Man and his companions.

But I’m bummed. While a majority of MoTU figures have been made for the Classics line, it appears it will ultimately end in 2015. While pretty much everything I ever wanted has been released, there is one main thing I want. I mean, all I ever wanted were these guys…

Shokotisea hawk Image

There is one more that I want. I know this looks really weird, but why can’t we have this guy?

Image Lord Masque. A vicious character, as seen in the awesome episode “House of Shokoti”. I loved that episode as a kid, and still do as an adult. In fact, I might go watch that when I’m done here.

But I digress. Mattel, I implore you–before this line ends, PLEASE make a Lord Masque action figure. I can guarantee, you have one buyer right here. Make us happy, leave us satisfied.

Who knows? I might even write a story about it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an episode of He-Man to watch.


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