Lost on time

April 30, 2015

You know what takes up a lot of time? Editing. You know what takes up even more time? Editing edits. Seriously, how can 2 hours slip away like that?

The good news is, final edits are coming soon.

It reminds me of reading. Find a book you love, and next thing you know the sun is coming up. I just hope that’s how you’ll do it when this book is done!

Latest and Greatest!

April 28, 2015

I’ve been absent. Not just from this blog, but from writing as well. BOO! Well, a few things have been going on, and I’m getting back into it.

+I haven’t worked out or written in a few days. Not quite a week, but it sucks either way. I’m one of those writers that makes great strides to write EVERY DAY (like you’re supposed to!) and it gets to me when I don’t. Sometimes, I just don’t have a choice. Other times, I’m too tired.

+I’ve been looking, almost obsessively, for a new job. Retail is not kind to me. The changing shifts, the fact I can’t see my wife every day, and the fact that I’m usually spending the majority of my day on my feet doing nothing really sucks the life out of me. Seriously, when I get home, I want to sit and watch TV. When I get up in the morning, I want to sit and read comics and drink coffee. And that’s all I want to do.

+I wrote today. Hell, I finished a story! In fact, as of this writing, I just finished transcribing it from paper to my computer. I even went through and did some edits. I’m happy with it! I think it’ll be a good one…but then again, I always say that!

+I got a shitty rejection email today. In a nutshell, they wanted less plot and more backstory. Whahuh? Isn’t it usually the other way around for a short story? I’m not going to be unprofessional and call them morons, but, yeah.

+Been talking with my editor about getting In the Pale Moonlight finished. Like, finished finished. Hopefully soon!

+No matter what is going on in my life, I’m still making time for the important stuff. Writing is going to happen—I’ve had a few rough days, but I’m back in it. And there’s a big reason why…

+I’ve realized I’m more of a novelist than a short story writer at this point. I put a pause on The Third Tower for practical reasons, but trying to eke out more short stories that I’m just not that into writing isn’t doing it for me. Instead, I’m going back to writing what I want…what I need. More on this later.

+Hopefully things work out for me. I love writing, I love keeping this blog, and I love the fact that people are interested in what is going on in my life, no matter how boring. Thanks to one and all, and definitely see you soon!


April 18, 2015

I am not going to get into a huge thing about George RR Martin. I love his writings, and I love what he’s done not only for sci-fi/fantasy and writers in general, but the cool things he does outside of writing as well. I used to read his “Not a Blog” all the time (meaning, whenever he posted an update). As of late, I’ve been busy and keep forgetting to check blogs I follow, but today I jumped over there for a minute.

And…wow. I saw endless rants about something called Puppygate. Stuff surrounding the Hugo awards, things about people doing this or that, and not wanting to accept what is going on around them…I don’t know, there was a lot there.

Well, anyway, all I can say is, I’m kind of relieved that I’m not super popular yet. Because I’d surely have at least one story nominated for the Hugos, and then all of this garbage would have gotten in the way.

Let’s let that all blow over before I get involved in those things. Which I surely will some day.

(No, that’s not an inflated ego. It’s confidence, dammit!)

Oh, and I need to add, I’ve been working on this great story that basically waves a giant middle finger to all of the know-it-all assholes I’ve dealt with. That’s what writing is for, isn’t it? It’s science fiction, involves a smart-mouthed girl, and neato raygun that may or may not go “Pew! Pew! Pew!”

The Fever Broke

April 17, 2015

I don’t know how, but I came down with a pretty nasty fever earlier this week. Sunday afternoon I went to the park to exercise, and felt like walking death when I was finished. That feeling lingered for the rest of the day, and by the time I went to bed I was in pretty bad shape. I really would have preferred to simply be sick, but alas, I was plagued with splitting headaches and massive body pains for the next three days.

Fortunately I’m much better now, and with a clean bill of health come a desire to get some writing done. I’ve sat around for too long not doing anything, but unfortunately I’ve had that bad problem of no ideas.

Well, let’s back that up. I’ve got ideas. I’ve got plenty to write about!

-The Third Tower, which I’m halfway finished with (but currently taking a break from)

-No less than three short stories I was extremely excited about

-Five stories that can be edited/updated

And yet with all of this in front of me, I just…didn’t feel like it. Well, T3T is on hiatus because I don’t want to focus too much on that while I still have a massive, final edit for In the Pale Moonlight, but I’m thinking of hiring someone else to do that for me anyway.

But those other short stories…I was so excited when I came up with these ideas! So why don’t I feel like writing them now? Am I just not feeling it? Or am I disappointed with myself?

Ugh…I hate that feeling. As I usually do on weekends, I spent some time this past Sunday sending out stories for publication, and as per the usual, I received a rejected just yesterday. It was the frustrating kind, that quite literally said “We love this story! It’s awesome! We have nothing bad to say about it! But we’re still not paying you so go fuck yourself.”

Seriously, people? Just give me a form letter and move along. Save yourself the time of purposely looking like an asshole.

I get over those things quickly (I just get bothered that they would go the long way to kick dirt in my face, basically…it’s like, why bother?), but with so many rejections recently (I haven’t had a story accepted since December 26th!), I’m losing faith.

What can I do?
Well, I keep at it. I push through, I force myself to get to the point where everything will someday work itself out.

And that, if you were wondering, is why I’ve been conspicuously absent. Sick, working, or sick of working. But it all works out in the end, right?

It better, because I’m running out of time.