Such a loser, I wasn’t even nominated to be able to lose!

July 25, 2015

The Hugo Awards are coming. Very soon, Worldcon will be held, and the most important awards in science fiction and fantasy will be handed out to those most worthy.

I, of course, will not be present.

As you can all guess, I’m not a writer of much importance. Not yet, at least. I have many, many hopes that someday (hopefully soon!) I will be published in big name magazines, with big paychecks, and followers who found out about me through the paper channels I so desperately desire. Alas, now is not that time.

I’m frustrated because the day before Christmas last year (literally 7 months ago!), I had a story accepted. Black Denim Lit told me I would be published within a few months. At first, it was to be June. Ultimately, they declared it would be the end of July. They have a week to show any proof of this publication (and promised payment).

That isn’t a huge deal, though. I have no doubt that things will be worked out in the end, and I’m not upset with them. Hey, shit happens, after all. No, it’s the time that I’m mad about.

Seven months have passed since I’ve had a story accepted for publication. Have all my other stories been that bad? Is it the plot itself? The writing? The characters? The fact that Myke Edwards is not a marketable name, and you don’t want to risk an upcoming author when your regular readers typically buy your publications due to the recognizable names attached to the front cover?

Whatever the case, I’m getting upset. At myself, at the editors, at the industry…it just feels so moot anymore. Does anyone care about short stories? Do they care about writers and the sacrifices they make for the love of their craft?

I care. And I care for each and every one of those Hugo nominees, even the ones that don’t deserve it (I’m looking at you, Sick Puppies). I care because you put in the time, the effort, the drive, the blood sweat toil tears and every other thing you do.

I care because I’m one of you. I know that I’m no one, but that doesn’t matter. We are Legion, we are many.

Hopefully soon, I’ll be one of the Hugo Nominee (or even winner!) legion. Hopefully.


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