Thanks (for nothing?)

July 28, 2015

I hate sounding like a complainer. However, as a human, especially one as down on his luck such as myself, it’s easy to get into the swing of pointing out all of the negative aspects of life. After all, things would be so much better if only this or that were just a little different…

So anyway, this morning, I opened my email, as usual. To my surprise, not one, but TWO emails from editors awaited me! To make things even better, there was a message from Devilfish Review! That was good, because they were very close to being on the receiving end of an email from me!

See, I submitted a story to them 100 days ago. I mean, literally, to a tee, one-hundred days ago! Their website says if I hadn’t heard back from them after 3 months, email and ask them what’s the holdup. I kept considering it, but generally, as a writer, if you want an answer now, it’s going to be “no”. Still, it was getting a little frustrating waiting, and I kept telling myself “One more day, one more day…”

That day has come. They sent me a response!

It was a big fat NO.


It’s so irritating having to wait so long for an answer, just to have it be negative. Worse yet, getting a stock/form email telling me this. They couldn’t add a little “sorry for the long wait” or “we apologize for making you wait, but we had serious deliberation on this piece” or anything?

I honestly thought it was going to be a positive response, hence the lengthy wait. I mean, 100 days for a publication that barely pays anything in the first place must be positive, right? Alas, it was not meant to be.

However, let’s look at the flipside of this. I mentioned a second email, right? It was from Shimmer. Shimmer is a pro paying market, meaning that not only do I get a minimum of $0.06 per word for my story, it helps qualify me for membership to the SFWA. That’s a pretty big deal! (Science Fiction Writer’s Association for those too lazy to Google it.)

While they rejected my piece and sent me a form letter as well, this only took 7 days. A week! Did they read it? Maybe a few paragraphs. Did they deliberate? Probably not. But who cares! It took them one measly week!

Now look, I get it. You’re only human, right? Maybe you’re the only person working on your magazine, the only reader, and you get 50 every day. Maybe you were in the hospital. Maybe you got a new job and have had little to no time. Maybe you truly were deliberating the story and just didn’t say anything encouraging in the email. There’s always a lot of maybes.

But there isn’t a lot of time.

Sorry to vent, folks. It’s just frustrating when I have multiple stories out at multiple publications, many of whom simply can’t be bothered to get things moving. Not only for me, but for themselves as well.

Speaking of, I still haven’t heard from Black Denim Lit yet. Is there some conspiracy against Myke Edwards amongst the publishers of internet speculative fiction magazines?

Nah, I’m just being paranoid. Right? Hey! There’s a van across the street with a radar dish on top of it! Oh, wait, it just drove off. Thank you.


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