August 30, 2015

I’m burned out. I have a new job and it sucks, specifically the fact that I have little to no time to write or work on writing. There’s some time here and there, but not much.

So why am I there? I really needed to get out of my last job. It was killing me! Supposedly, this was going to have better hours and better pay, but nope, neither.

Until I find something new, I’m stuck. And yes, I am constantly searching for new work! Hopefully something good comes very soon!

Something else that’s bugging me is the writing I already have. While I’m having little to no luck getting things published (I wrote a very angry blog last night about it, maybe I’ll post it soon), I’m getting frustrated at people on my workshop.

For years now, I’ve been a member of an online workshop that has a great system. What bothers me, however, is how irritating some people get to be. I’ve talked about it before, like the “I guarantee” and “No editor will ever accept this” bullshit. And yet, if you go read any book or literary magazine (science fiction or fantasy, as that’s what I write, natch), you’ll see so many of those “rules” broken incessantly.

So why are people quoting chapter and verse of writing guides at me? Oh no, I used an adverb! Oh no, I used a “filter” word! If I followed your “rules” I’d have nothing left on the fucking page! (And yes, I’m aware that they are always guidelines, and have their moments to be broken, but just go with it.)

Sigh…some people get a real bee in their bonnet over stupid shit. I write stories to entertain and provide some semblance of escape to people who want to enjoy themselves. Who gives a shit that I used the word “was” a few times?

Sheesh. Get over it, people.

And you’re probably thinking, maybe that’s why I can’t get published. Far from it. The simple answer to that is, until I’m proven otherwise, I’m not in bed with the right people!


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