Can I finally be happy?

September 19, 2015

I’ve been somewhat depressed lately, but it feels rather routine for me. Fortunately, things have been turning around, even if it’s just short term possible good news. Still, not getting published and having virtually no contact from the people I need to be contacted by can take its toll, and it has a tendency to drive you nuts.

Regardless, like I said, there are some good things happening. Last Sunday was my wedding anniversary. One year! Hey, that’s a lot longer than a lot of people! My wife and I are still very much in love, and will be for a long time to come.

What’s greatest about her, though, is that she supports me. No one else ever did. They said so, but that was a lie. Amy actually wants to read my writing, she encourages me to keep at it, and even has helpful suggestions to further my career.

I’ve been working a new job, which I hate. Fortunately, I have some feelers out, and the possibility of something new is coming along very quickly. If I’m not in a happy place with my day job, how can I have any desire to do anything other than watch TV?

I’ve been a little dry on the writing aspect, but not editing. I’m pulling out all sorts of stories, old and new, getting them pretty and ready to go. Editors take note: you’d be crazy not to take this stuff!

My editor contacted me! I get that he’s been busy and having a rough lot in life, which happens. Still, he got back to me, and things are rolling along.

Finally, I’ve been hearing from a lot of publications. They aren’t accepting any of my work, but they are getting in touch with me! We all hate sitting around for months on end while no one says a word to you. Even if they’re rejecting me, they’re getting in touch, and that makes me happy.

Things are rolling along. I’m feeling good, and confident that no matter what, I’ll make this work out. Who knows, I might even be in some upcoming awards ceremonies! (Hey, a man can dream, right?)


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