Not at work

February 17, 2016

One of the biggest things that we as humans strive for is steadiness. For the past few years, it seems we’ve have a shaky economy at best, and finding steady, good-paying work is not always the easiest thing. It would make sense, then, that finding a job that pays decent and has the potential for a good future would be ideal.

Since I currently work retail, I find it interesting to see how many of my coworkers care so much about our job. While it’s good to have pride in your job and actually give a shit, some people seem obsessed with it. One of the most interesting things I see is during lunch breaks; if I go somewhere, even for fast food, I sit in that restaurant with a book and come back to work when my hour is up. For everyone else, they get their food and come straight back to work. After all, what if they’re needed?

My time is precious to me, so I make the most of it. Like I said, reading typically takes up my time. Occasionally, I’ll do some writing or editing.

The point is, if often feel like an outsider. Not that I’m trying really hard to fit in with my job or coworkers, but the simple fact that I don’t see this job as my career. I’m a writer, dammit, and that’s what I’m focusing on. Retail work is a means to an end, and writing is what I’m here for.

Things are going well. I’ve been getting out queries for the novel, sending submissions out to magazines, and editing like crazy. I’ve even been working on the next book in my library.

Despite crummy luck, I’m feeling good. I even skipped going to the gym today so I could write! I’m getting interest, getting nibbles, getting a few positive remarks.

In other words, I’m happy. I’m positive. More than anything, I’m here, and doing what I do best.


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