Left ashore

May 28, 2016

Sometimes, you can’t win them all.

That’s a mantra I’m all too familiar with. Not only do I get rejections left and right (or not at all, as many publications apparently don’t bother responding to people…), it’s just something that happens in life. But this has to do with writing, and I truly feel like a gigantic loser.

I’ve talked about 7th Sea before, how it was my favorite RPG and still to this day gives me inspiration for stories and all that fun stuff. And hey, they’re coming out with a new version this year!

As part of the whole spectacular new release, they put out a call for writing samples from fans. We had two prompts and had to give it our best shot at writing them. Of course I did! Why wouldn’t I?

Well, I didn’t get in. Not even a consolation email, nothing.

I feel like I truly suck at writing. Given the current state of interest in my published stuff (like 9Tales that no one gives a shit about) and the lack of interest in my submissions, it might be time for me to pack it in.

All that stuff I was planning on self publishing this summer is probably not happening anymore. New stories, books, whatever I had in mind to write, not happening either.

This is what failure looks like, people. Go ahead and laugh. I suck.

And yes I’ll probably get over this, it just feels like a major slap in the face and I’m pissed about it.


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