6 Years of Being a Friend

February 2, 2019

Earlier this week, WordPress informed me that it was my 6th anniversary with them. Six years of this blog! I know it’s not THAT long ago, but I still remember the day I started it up. I kept telling myself, write blogs, even if no one follows you, and then when you’re a big-time writer, people will go and look back at your methods and madness.

Well, here we are. I’m still not Mr. Big Time, and I highly doubt people go back and read old blogs. I mean, really, it’s mostly just me complaining about not getting published. So instead of doing that right here and now, I’m just going to leave a big fat thanks to every one of you.

Everyone that has been with me for a while, new readers, and readers in the future going back and checking through all these blogs, THANK YOU for being there. I’m always happy to know that people are following, and paying attention. I hope that you’re all reading my writing as well, but then again, why else would you be here? 😉

Anyway, happy February, happy Groundhog Day, and once again, thank you for being a friend!


Anniversary of Awesomeness

February 3, 2018

Things are looking up!

Behold, my typical negativity is gone. I mean, sure, I’ve still got my hang ups, but I’m pretty happy right now. In spite of financial difficulties and the fact that no matter how much I work out I’m not losing any weight, things are going well.

Cloaked Press is releasing an anthology called “Spring Into Sci-Fi” in a short while. My story, “The Man Without a Planet” will be in it. I’m super excited, and you should be too! It’s an actual paper book, with real ink and everything! Be sure to pick one up when it’s available.

I’ve been writing and editing like crazy. I have a stack of stories I’m very happy with, and working hard to get them out there. Some are going over very well with critique groups. Others are finding their place. I think if it’s longer than 2,000 words, people don’t want to take the time to read, review, critique and comment on it. It doesn’t mean they’re bad, just that it’s harder to find reader for something that’s 3,500 words than 1,500.

Stories are out in the wilds! Some are even on shortlists, and I’m holding my breath. I know I shouldn’t, but after all the time I’ve spent on these, why not hope for something positive? I don’t want to say I deserve it, but would it be too much to say it’s my time for something good?

Journaling the hell out of a new novel. Still waiting to edit The Third Tower, but I’m getting other ideas out there. I even jotted down a quick idea for a short, sweet, classic sword & sorcery novel. Maybe they’ll bring back the cheap spinner paperbacks with ridiculous cover art? What’s so bad about a short novel about a bunch of muscle-bound psychos killing each other?

And hey, look at that: today’s my 5 year anniversary with this blog! Thanks for following all these years, and thanks for your support!

Not in writing news, but I had a sinus infection for over a month. It’s gone! Finally. Seriously, feels great.

I started a new Clay and Styg story the other day. Should be done soon! Hopefully things will continue on this good path. As always, stay awesome!

Can I finally be happy?

September 19, 2015

I’ve been somewhat depressed lately, but it feels rather routine for me. Fortunately, things have been turning around, even if it’s just short term possible good news. Still, not getting published and having virtually no contact from the people I need to be contacted by can take its toll, and it has a tendency to drive you nuts.

Regardless, like I said, there are some good things happening. Last Sunday was my wedding anniversary. One year! Hey, that’s a lot longer than a lot of people! My wife and I are still very much in love, and will be for a long time to come.

What’s greatest about her, though, is that she supports me. No one else ever did. They said so, but that was a lie. Amy actually wants to read my writing, she encourages me to keep at it, and even has helpful suggestions to further my career.

I’ve been working a new job, which I hate. Fortunately, I have some feelers out, and the possibility of something new is coming along very quickly. If I’m not in a happy place with my day job, how can I have any desire to do anything other than watch TV?

I’ve been a little dry on the writing aspect, but not editing. I’m pulling out all sorts of stories, old and new, getting them pretty and ready to go. Editors take note: you’d be crazy not to take this stuff!

My editor contacted me! I get that he’s been busy and having a rough lot in life, which happens. Still, he got back to me, and things are rolling along.

Finally, I’ve been hearing from a lot of publications. They aren’t accepting any of my work, but they are getting in touch with me! We all hate sitting around for months on end while no one says a word to you. Even if they’re rejecting me, they’re getting in touch, and that makes me happy.

Things are rolling along. I’m feeling good, and confident that no matter what, I’ll make this work out. Who knows, I might even be in some upcoming awards ceremonies! (Hey, a man can dream, right?)