May 31, 2015

I’m probably overreacting to this, but I just saw something that felt like a slap in the face. Nothing personal, and not something that I’m really offended by, but it woke me up a bit.

There’s another author out there named Myke! Myke Cole.

As you can guess, my birth name is Michael. Myke is a nickname, like Mike. Way back in 2000, a friend emailed me and wrote Myke, and I liked it, so I took it on. He did it because of the singer Myke Hideous, from such awesome bands as The Misfits and Bronx Casket Company and Empire Hideous. I like those bands, I liked the different spelling (Michael/Mike was at one time the most popular name for boys in America, and I hated hearing “Hey, Mike!” and thinking someone was talking to me. They weren’t.), so I started using it.

Over the years, more people have taken in on. Hey, it’s cool. It happens. Still, I figured as an author, I could go by Myke Edwards because, hey, that’s me. And yes, I know there’s an inspirational/Christian author named Myke Edwards, but he doesn’t count.

Still, it just feels kind of strange that there’s someone else out there going by Myke. I’m glad, in a way, but also, it scares me. Will people see me as a copycat poseur? A wannabe who lifted Mr. Cole’s name? Or will they not even care?

It’s just that with such a unique spelling of the name, it becomes a thing. If we both went by Mike, I wouldn’t care. I hope no one does, either way, and focus on what really matters: the writing.

(Yet still, here’s a picture of me, just so you know who wrote this!)