Dirty Laundry

June 10, 2015

Lately, I’ve been sending out stories to publications. These are called submissions. While I typically have several stories out at several different magazines at a time, I get frustrated at the long waits for them to read and (usually) reject them.

However, I hate the rejections that share comments on the stories.

You heard that right. I’d prefer a form letter. Short and to the point. Don’t give me reasons, and don’t try to make me feel like you care. Tell me if you’re giving me exposure and money or not. I’ll give you plenty of exposure in return, and hopefully some money from people who will buy the issue (and possibly many more!).

So what I’m going to do from now on is this: any time I receive a personalized rejection, I’m reprinting it here. That way, people can see the bullshit reasons that editors reject me.

Think I’m being petty? Think again.

Sometimes, these rejections are so ridiculous, you have to wonder if they even read the story. Sometimes, they tell me reasons why they would publish it, but for whatever reason they decided not to.

So just to show the world how crazy it is for me and every other writer out there, I’m letting you know what they have to say.

But if I get a form letter, don’t worry. In fact, I’ll thank the publisher. So after today’s short and sweet rejection, I offer a giant thanks to John Jos. Adams from Lightspeed magazine. Did he really read it or did a first reader? Did they like it but just couldn’t find a place for it? Who knows! Who cares! They didn’t waste my time, and I have immense thanks for that.

Hopefully, you won’t ever see a blog entry with this kind of crap in it. Because I can only hope that in the future, every rejection I receive will be the same as everyone else. That is, if I continue getting rejections…shouldn’t they be acceptances?