Protected by Common Sense

January 20, 2019

Ugh, fanfiction. The thought most of us get when we hear it is the disgusting sexual stuff, or the Mary Sue stories that they typically are. I think of that, but I also think of terrible, error-laden writing with no discernable plot. Lots of dialog that is so unrealistic I want to puke, and out of character actions that just ruin the whole property to begin with.

I kind of want to write some.

I know, I know, it sounds silly. But I am really digging on a property right now. A property that (for the time being will remain nameless) is protected by one of the most fierce and bloodthirsty copyright holders in the world. A company that loves to go after people for the slightest hint of misuse of…well, anything.

But they have a massive publishing wing as well. Books and short stories, not to mention some comic books that they are supposedly starting up again. And this story, or stories, that I want to write, take place in a property that at the moment has so little fiction/fluff published that I really want to get something started. Hell, free short stories posted to their website would be fine. Exposure of that kind I could get behind—because it’s guaranteed readership!

I’m probably not going to write anything, though. I have a million other things to work on, but man…it’d be awesome to be able to do it.

In other news…

I’ve been thinking a lot about adventure stories, specifically “tomb raiding” stories like Indiana Jones. I have two ideas in the works for plots that I highly doubt you’re expecting to see. I’ve been studying that trope for a while and figuring out ways I can turn it upside down. I hope I can properly write them.

I may put the next novel on hold for a while basically because I keep writing new Clay and Styg stories. Every time I finish one, I start another. I’m working on rewriting some older ones, and getting editing done on a lot of them. If things go well, I could have them collected in a book (like I’ve always wanted!).

Snowing like crazy here in Toledo. I haven’t left the house all day. How’s your Saturday been?


I’m giddy with titillating excitement!

Fortunately, I’m able to sit still. Mainly because I ate a huge breakfast and it’s taking forever for me to digest it, so any sudden or jerky movements are a terrible idea right now. But I’m still excited, and happy, and all that good stuff.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have to do with me getting a story published. But close! Um, I think…

I got an idea.

I got an idea!

I haven’t written anything new since…March? February? January? I know I’ve written new stories this year, and I could easily go check my writing folder for the exact date of the latest new work, but that’s not important. What is important is that I’m brimming over again.

Brimming over with all of one idea!*

This is good for me, because I was getting nervous. All year, I kept telling myself to edit my novel. A few months ago (or maybe weeks, again, time is muddy in my brain right now. What?! It’s June already?!?!?!!) I got to it, and slowly but surely, I’m picking my way through it. In fact, I’m 100 pages away from being done! Then I just need to type the changes (I always edit by printing out the story and handwriting all changes) and then rob a bank so I can pay a professional editor to look it over for me, then work on getting it published. The hard part is mostly over, though, and I’m happy.

So I’ve been mostly worried about getting this thing finished. That’s great! What I was getting worried about, however, was that I didn’t have any new ideas come to mind. I always get ideas for stories that I jot down and file away for a later time to write when I have the chance. But nothing’s been coming up, aside from ideas I’ve already had, and that was just things to flesh out the ideas.

I’ll write all of this when I have the chance. That’s not the big deal. The fact that my typically abundant reservoir of a brain is all dried up is frightening me. But not anymore! For I have an idea!

I’d like to write it sometime this week, considering I have today and the next two days off. Doubtful, though, since my birthday is Thursday and I’ll be doing birthday stuff and necessary things like cleaning the apartment for this brief vacation. Then again, I might just get to it tonight. Who knows?

Naturally, you’ll have to wait until it’s published to find out what it is (sorry for the suspense, but that’s how we writers roll), but I just wanted to share the good news. So don’t worry, okay? I’m not losing it.

*I’ve got a list of stories I still need to write, and aside from focusing on the novel, I’ve got quite a few other short stories I’m working at editing as well, but I’ve just been upset that nothing new was brimming over.

Anyway, I hope everyone has read and enjoyed “Extermination” by this point. It’s getting some positive feedback, so please go check it out if you haven’t already! And check out the other great stories on the website as well, because they’re really good too!