Well crap….

January 22, 2017

I’ve made some bad mistakes before. Some I’m so embarassed by I’ve blocked them, or at least go out of my way to bury them. What I did just a little bit ago might not be the worst thing ever, but I feel like I’ve made such a stupid, amateur mistake that it might cost me.

I just submitted a story to a few publications. You know, the typical thing. Unfortunately, instead of using my professional email address that I always do, I was still signed in to my regular, personal use email.

I highly doubt any of these publications even notice that stuff, let alone care. For all I know, they might have authors that use emails like footlongdong_69@yahoo.com. I don’t even know if that’s real, nor do I care. And I’m sure they don’t either.

The point is, I can’t believe I let myself overlook that basic thing. Especially because on every cover letter and within the submission itself, my professional email address was on there. They might be like, huh? But then realize what a dolt I am, and toss it in the trash.

Maybe that’s why NewMyths.com rejected the story within ten minutes?

Yep, no joke. Never happened, not ever, not once. Not even with The Dark, who is quick enough to get their rejections to me within 12 hours.

Anyway, I hope this doesn’t cost me. I doubt it will, but when it comes to the things we love, the things we put our hearts and souls into, we worry about minutae, because we demand perfection.

So why can’t we give ourselves what we want?

PS – Glad to hear about so many women in the Women’s Marches all across the country today! I know several fine ladies who participated, and I’m so proud and happy to see so many people banding together against tyranny and oppression! Keep up the awesomeness!


Catch the mistake!

July 21, 2015

I haven’t given up the dream, which is good. I’m still kicking it, still writing and editing, still finding reasons to continue. Hopefully, someone sees promise in me, and I can just get through this. A few days ago, I prettied up a story enough to get it ready to submit for publication, and decided that last night would be when I do it.

So for some reason, when I went to bed and was about to fall asleep, I realized something about the story. Not a major plot hole, just a bit of a loose thread. Just a minute ago, I checked, and yep, it’s there.

Now, it’s not the worst thing. If an editor likes the story but notices the mistake, it’s easily fixed. I mean, seriously, with one sentence it can be taken care of. Hell, people could just gloss over it, excusing it for the natural passage of time (it makes sense in the story).

Or they could catch it and reject the story outright.

Or…they won’t even notice it. Not that I want this mistake to remain within the story, but I have this horrible feeling that the instant someone notices it, they’ll just toss the story. After all, I’m the writer. Shouldn’t I be responsible for finding these things? If I can’t be bothered to fix my own mistakes, what does that say about me? And how many more mistakes like this did I let slip?

Am I overthinking this? Sure. But keep in mind, there are some editors/first readers that will reject a story because they don’t like the first word (no joke!). The absolutely ridiculous myriad list of stupid reasons a story will be rejected is so long and laughable that you honestly would think it’s a joke. But nope, it’s real, and I fear that a mistake like mine will cost me.

Fortunately, I sent that story to 8 publications. If you work at one of those publications and you don’t accept simultaneous submissions, I only sent it to yours 😉 But the best thing is (and I hate to be cynical, but let’s get freakin’ realistic here!), they probably won’t publish anything by a chump like me anyway. Myke Edwards isn’t a moneymaking name, so why shell out $0.08 per word for a dork no one cares about?

Once they’re all rejected, the corrected version will go out, and hopefully increase my chances of getting considered. I’m still holding out hope, despite these past 7 months not being at all promising to me. Why not? Better to be positive than not…right?

(And yes, if you missed it above, I am correcting the mistake in the story, so don’t think I’m just letting it get away from me.)