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April 28, 2015

I’ve been absent. Not just from this blog, but from writing as well. BOO! Well, a few things have been going on, and I’m getting back into it.

+I haven’t worked out or written in a few days. Not quite a week, but it sucks either way. I’m one of those writers that makes great strides to write EVERY DAY (like you’re supposed to!) and it gets to me when I don’t. Sometimes, I just don’t have a choice. Other times, I’m too tired.

+I’ve been looking, almost obsessively, for a new job. Retail is not kind to me. The changing shifts, the fact I can’t see my wife every day, and the fact that I’m usually spending the majority of my day on my feet doing nothing really sucks the life out of me. Seriously, when I get home, I want to sit and watch TV. When I get up in the morning, I want to sit and read comics and drink coffee. And that’s all I want to do.

+I wrote today. Hell, I finished a story! In fact, as of this writing, I just finished transcribing it from paper to my computer. I even went through and did some edits. I’m happy with it! I think it’ll be a good one…but then again, I always say that!

+I got a shitty rejection email today. In a nutshell, they wanted less plot and more backstory. Whahuh? Isn’t it usually the other way around for a short story? I’m not going to be unprofessional and call them morons, but, yeah.

+Been talking with my editor about getting In the Pale Moonlight finished. Like, finished finished. Hopefully soon!

+No matter what is going on in my life, I’m still making time for the important stuff. Writing is going to happen—I’ve had a few rough days, but I’m back in it. And there’s a big reason why…

+I’ve realized I’m more of a novelist than a short story writer at this point. I put a pause on The Third Tower for practical reasons, but trying to eke out more short stories that I’m just not that into writing isn’t doing it for me. Instead, I’m going back to writing what I want…what I need. More on this later.

+Hopefully things work out for me. I love writing, I love keeping this blog, and I love the fact that people are interested in what is going on in my life, no matter how boring. Thanks to one and all, and definitely see you soon!


It is here!

November 30, 2013

Hot off the presses!  “Quantum Stasis” is finally available for your pleasure!

Yes, it costs $2, but you shouldn’t be complaining, instead you should be supporting artists and writers!

Big thanks to “J” for giving me a chance and publishing me.

Most of all, thank you for your support!