That damned twist

October 5, 2013

I just watched the Nicole Kidman movie, “The Others”.  It was released in 2001.  That was twelve years ago.

Aside from hating every second of my life at the time and not doing what a normal 21-year old man should have been doing, I can say that writing twist endings to my stories was not included.  In fact, the endings to my stories at the time were dull and predictable, the kind of “I’m so happy to be alive even though I have nothing!” bullshit that a lovestruck, confused guy would write.

I was a mess.

But regardless of that, I just watched “The Others” and have to say that the twist ending was no big surprise.  Maybe back then it would have been, as twist endings were “new” and “unique” and “rare” at the time.  I know, I know, O. Henry had been using them long before, and many, many people had used them long before.  But in the end of the millennium era, Myke Edwards was transitioning from happy go lucky teenager to miserable adult, and movies were coming out with twist endings.  People were stunned.

Now, I expect it.  In fact, if a movie doesn’t have a twist ending, I’m more shocked than I would be under other circumstances.

It just made me think.  Do I try to put in twists?  Or do they come naturally?  Or do I not even use them?

Because to me, they’re just endings.

Whatever the case, it was a predictable ending.  Suspenseful movie, but I pretty much figured out the end before it happened.  Good night all.